Forbes naming American Finance Solutions as one the leading alternative small business lenders

Recently American Finance Solutions was honored to be mentioned on, see excerpt below:

Since the recession that hit in 2008, the alternative lending market has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments in the financial sector. Traditional banks & credit unions have been forced to ‘move upstream’ where it seems they only lend to those businesses that don’t actually need the capital. Of course, their are many traditional lenders that fall outside of that stereotype, but they are the exception, not the rule. As a result of their focus, it has created a void in the market for every other type of business that doesn’t have a near-perfect credit profile. Some of these businesses are strong businesses that deserve capital, even though the business owner may have a poor personal credit score.

Enter alternative lenders.

Since then, innovative entrepreneurs have created new loan products that underwrite very differently than the traditional lender. They look at other assets, collateral, and business performance metrics to determine the quality of the business. Some of these lenders include … American Finance Solutions,

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