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  • What can American Finance Solutions do for my business?
    We offer you a way to improve your business for the future by accessing cash now. It’s not a bank loan, so you’re more likely to be approved, and your cash becomes available to you quickly.
    Why should I deal with American Finance Solutions?
    We custom tailor our funding programs to meet your unique situation. Our customer service is unparalleled and you will be dealing with the company principals directly on each and every advance. AFS offers a fast, smooth and uncomplicated process of funding in under ten days.
    Is AFS an agent or reseller?
    No, AFS is the direct funding source for all of our clients. The entire funding process from pre-approval to funding is handled by AFS.
    How can I use the cash?
    Use the cash any way you see fit. Customers typically use the cash to support or upgrade their business in some way. Maybe you need repairs or inventory. Maybe you would like to expand your present location or simply add a new location. Better still, maybe you’d like to seize an opportunity in your marketplace before a competitor does.
    How does it work?
    The funding process is simple. American Finance Solutions purchases your future credit card transactions and advances that money to you. After receiving your advance, AFS will deduct a small, fixed percentage of from your daily credit card sales until the advance is paid in full. You keep 100% of your cash and check sales.
    What is the interest rate?
    The programs we offer are similar to factoring, there is no interest rate, just a set cost.
    Will I qualify?
    If you’ve been in business for over a year and process at least $5,000 in credit card sales each month, you are well on your way to approval. We need to see copies of your most recent four months credit card processing statements along with a few other documents.
    Does it cost anything to apply?
    No. There are never any application fees or other ongoing fees.
    How long will I have to wait to find out if I have been approved for my cash advance?
    Pre-approval is always obtained within 24 hours. Funding takes place within 10 business days depending on the amount of the transaction and the time it takes to get the necessary documents required to fund.
    How much can I qualify for?
    Your monthly credit card volume determines how much you will qualify for. The amount of receipts purchased is determined by your average credit card volume over a set period. We need to see copies of your most recent four months credit card processing statements and sometimes your bank statements as well.
    Can you take my AMEX and Discover card sales into account?
    Yes. Utilizing our trust account/lock box retrieval method, AFS can increase the amount of funding you qualify for, by including your American Express and Discover card sales volume averages
    How soon can I have the cash?
    After a complete contract is submitted and approved, funding happens in as little as 10 days.
    Do I need to change my credit card processor?
    No. If your current processor is not on our preferred processor list, it is easiest to change your processing to one on our list. If you cannot change processors, then AFS has several other options available for you, so that we can still provide you with the working capital. AFS offers its assurance that the change will affect you only in positive ways: Our processing partners offer some of the lowest rates in the industry and supports all major POS terminal brands. The rates and fees will not go higher. Most likely, you will save money on your processing. Your daily business will not be interrupted in any way. You will continue to accept credit cards just as you do now, without changing anything but the sticker on the terminal and some possible minimal re-programming. The process will take less than ten minutes.
    Will I receive the same low rates as my current credit card processor?
    We work with an outstanding organization that will match or may actually beat your current rates, and will make the transition seamless.
    Will I be able to monitor the progress on my account?
    You will get a statement each month from AFS, your credit card statement will show the amounts deducted or just call AFS for the balance.
    Who can answer my questions, or help me start the funding process?
    You can reach us toll-free at: 888-857-5772 from 9am – 6pm PST, Monday – Friday, or you can send an email to info@americanfinancesolutions.com
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